Quick Tip Archive

We frequently post Quick Tips on our Social Media Pages, here is an archive of those tips:

  • Quick Tip: Sheepshead have VERY tough mouths, make sure to use an ultra sharp hook and when a bite is detected set the hook hard!

  • Quick Tip:  When fishing for flounder patients is vital. Once a strike is detected, allow a few seconds before setting the hook!

  • Quick Tip: As the waters cool off with the onset of winter, the fish slow down, your bait presentation should slow down as well

  •  Quick Tip: Hot water will reduce live baits life span. Keep the water cool and your bait will live longer!

  • Quick Tip: Black Drum feed primary by scent. Using fresh peeled shrimp will often work better than live shrimp.

  • Quick Tip: Mangrove Snapper are almost always found near cover and run for that cover when hooked. Pull the fish away from the cover quickly!

  • Quick Tip: When using frozen shrimp, make sure they are fresh. They will stay on the hook longer than shrimp frozen multiple times! #Fishing

  • Quick Tip: Fluorocarbon is more abrasion resistant than monofiliment, and more expensive.  Use it as a leader to help prevent breakoffs #Fishing